New to Caravanning?

If you're just getting into the exciting world of caravanning we've got some advice from our experienced staff members when looking for your first model.

The Right Layout

You're requirements are going to be different whether you are just looking to accommodate for a couple or perhaps a large family. There are many layout options which makes caravanning accessible to almost any situation. There are models that have bunk beds for smaller children, models with fixed double beds and models with no fixed beds at all. Talk to us at Stewart Longton and we can help you find the perfect arrangement.

The Ideal Specification

Each caravan make and model has a different range of features and specifications. Some models have everything you could need, while some balance space and storage with the basic essential equipment. To make the best use of the interior of your caravan it's important to find the right balance of features you need. This will also affect the amount you will need to spend.

The Right Tools for the Job

All the essential additional equipment you need to get started can be found in our accessory shop. There are many extras that will make your travel, set up and experience much more relaxing. Our experienced staff can help you find the right products you may need, from motor movers to additional cutlery our shop has it all.

Finding the Right Location

You may already have some ideas about where you would like to take your caravan on holiday but speak to our staff, chances are they can offer some advice on great locations to take your caravan.